Holomakani (running wind) Heiau was listed in 1933 by McAllister as destroyed but was rediscovered in 1987. Archealogical surveys suggest the site to be a heiau or large platform terrace structure of some significance. It measure 96x 46 feet and is said to have been built by Tahitian Cheif Olopana. It is located on the slopes of Kapa'a and on the mountain side of Kawai Nui Fishpond.  
Holomakani Heiau was once listed as having been destroyed and was rediscovered in 1987.

The heiau was long neglected the terraces overgrown and some damage to walls by off road vehicles. Conservation efforts of various organizations have stepped up to maintain the area, clear the vegetation and post signs to alert the pubic of its cultural significance. Today it is located 300 acres of privately owned land near the intersection of Kapa'a Quarry Road and Kalanianaole Highway.